Light Returning by Acoustic Ocean

Light Returning
The debut recording from Acoustic Ocean. Featuring Celtic harp, guitar, piano, mountain and hammered dulcimer and other instruments mixed with natural sounds. A lush tapestry of sound that is both uplifting and deeply relaxing. Great for relaxation, massage and movement.

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Light Returning CD cover
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Reviews for Light Returning

"Light Returning takes the listener to a land of light, love and peace. Get swept away on the gentle ocean waves with light, melodic and harmonious sounds that are sure to wipe away tension and stress from even the busiest day." Barbara Cronin, Circle of Flight

"All in all I'm very impressed by Light Retuning. I absolutely love the album for its positivity and lightness; it is the carefree attitude that makes Light Returning into a true winner for this reviewer." BT Fasmer,

"Like a nutrient drink that also is tasty, this is an album that contains easy-to-listen-to melodic compostions designed to improve body and mind well-being."

"The music of Acoustic Ocean is very soothing and reflective. It is an ideal CD for yoga, meditation, or massage." Balanced Living Magazine

"The music works similarly to a chanted mantra, a means of quieting the mind and inviting higher states of consciousness. This is one of the top new age music albums of the year. The music is soft, beautiful new age music..." Harmony Central

"Listeners should embrace the music of Acoustic Ocean as healing energy and healthful entertainment." Massage Magazine