Chimes of the Spirit by Acoustic Ocean

Chimes of the Spirit
A beautiful and engaging collection of original instrumental music that inspires reflection, touches the heart, and lifts the spirit.

The music tastefully blends the genres of folk, new age and contemporary instrumental. Eleven compositions feature Peggy Morgan on Celtic harp and Bette Phelan on guitar. On several cuts they are joined by Kay Aldrich on cello and Anne Berliner on flute.

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Chimes of the Spirit

Chimes of the Spirit invites the listener on a musical journey through the process of transition and transformation. The music gives voice to the breadth of feelings experienced during times of change. When life-altering events sweep through our lives, the expression of our feelings through art and music comforts us, lifts us up and brings us back into balance.

The poem below, composed of the song titles, helps to convey the emotional timbre of the music.

Chimes of the Spirit poem